Thursday, February 08, 2007

All I want for Christmas is a.....hematoma?

Well. Not really. But that's what my husband got whether he wanted it or not. And it's not really something you can return or exchange either. I'll spare you from the gory details and him of humiliation from mentioning where exactly on his body this is located. Just know, it didn't tickle.

Here we are in February, and a bulge on his right hip is still very noticeable.

You ask how he even got himself a hematoma? had something to do with a second story and an extension ladder mixed with an engineer husband who thought he didn't need anyone to hold the bottom of the ladder for him. ( Even I understand enough about geometry and levers to know better ).

Let's just say we had the prettiest lights on our house in the neighborhood. I think he learned his lesson. Next year, we'll just put up a wreath.