Saturday, December 20, 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My new title shall be

The Queen of Good Intentions But Really Poor Follow-Through.

Does this look familiar?

Chore charts for your kids?

Thinking it will make your life easier while teaching your children the value of work?

Yeah. I have about five other waste of time charts I've started over the years. I generally come up with them right before school lets out for summer break. And every one of them have lasted a week.


This one is for real............

As real as the twenty pounds I've had every intention of losing for the last two New Years Resolutions.

Friday, December 12, 2008

You gotta teach them young.........

Kids need to learn too.

Next lesson: Laundry

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Twas the week of Thanksgiving..........

And all through the town
There were cute kids and cousins

And historical buildings of reddish-brown.

We were all nestled warm and snug from the cold

Here's where we saw our forefather's Declaration unfold.

This is the bell

That rang out the sound

"Hear Ye! Hear Ye!" one said as people gathered around. At my 20th Reunion

What to my wondering eyes should appear

But my bestest friends from High School
Whom I hold dear!

I had the most kids

So I won an award

At least I won SOMETHING

Now there's a goal to move toward!

Back in '99 was when we made

the long haul

To stand on this street corner

Just to watch this ball fall.

There were pilgrimages and meccas

That just had to be done.
At least these guys still have jobs

which is more than can be said for poor Lehman.

Oh the lights how they dazzled
And glittered with gold.

We ate New York Pizza above Lettermans
just to get out of the cold.

Our old house was still there

Though grown over with trees.

We ate ourselves sick
From cheesesteaks and hoagies.

Other cool stuff we saw

Like Rockefeller's unlit tree

Bryant Park Ice Rink

Macy's Santa Claus

And Lady Liberty.

Our visit to Ground Zero was horrifying and sad

It made me feel thankful for all that I have.

We found a memorial

And searched for a special name

Then ached that the skyline would never, ever be the same.

It was a great trip

Our feet were so sore

From walking and walking and then walking some more.

But I heard someone exclaim

As we flew out of sight

"I'm so glad we booked us

On a non stop flight!"

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My child is so smart.

Well, maybe not so much......................

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Coo Coo

I was telling the kids tonight about our trip to Philadelphia for Thanksgiving and how we decided to spend a couple of days in New York City and see fun stuff like the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center and Wall Street ( Sounding super enthusiastic, "You know kids.......remember that TV channel I watch every morning? CNBC? That's filmed on Wall Street!" Shameless. I know. I can't help it. ).

The kids started getting excited and exclaiming things like, "That's so cool!" and "We'll get to ride the train!"

Lauren even brought up the story she likes to tell about how she has been to New York City once before for New Year's Eve 1999.....back when she was the size of a grape in my tummy. She admits she couldn't actually HEAR anything though..........

And then Jack said, "YAY! Can you buy Coo Coo clocks there?"


Well, I suppose you could find a place that sells coo coo clocks there if you really wanted one. In fact, I'm sure you could find just about anything in New York City if you really wanted to. I reminded him that if he REALLY wanted a coo coo clock that maybe daddy could get him a real one while he is in Switzerland rather than buying a cheap imitation in New York City.

Seriously. With a Tiffanys, Barneys and FAO Schwarz........and he wants a coo coo clock?

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Lessons from our Forefathers

I'm writing a post that is a little different than my norm. I've been mulling over ideas and thoughts in my head for the last couple of weeks regarding the new direction our country is heading. I thought it was time to put my thoughts on paper, so to speak. If you aren't one for political drama, I urge you to move on. Otherwise, this is my blog and as long as our first amendment rights are still intact, I can freely express my feelings. More importantly, I want my children to know how proud I am to be an American.

Over the last two years, we have witnessed history in the making. We watched as the democratic nominees duked it out between a potential first woman president, Hillary Clinton and first black president, Barack Obama. We watched as the media vilified Hillary who ironically, came across as pretty conservative next to Obama. Then it seemed, all of the sudden, Obama took the lead along with unprecedented donations and ran with it, never looking back. He was marketed very well. He was put out there in front of people with prepared scripts and talking points. He began using the term "progressive" instead of "liberal".

I soon discovered that any attempt for an intelligent debate with those who chose to vote for Obama was met with immediate words of anger and hostility along with claims that anyone who doesn't like him are intolerant and judgmental. Ironic. Some even told me that I only get my views from right-winged news like Fox. As though I'm not capable of forming my own opinions. I didn't find a single person who could tell me specific reasons why they were voting for Obama, but rather heard words like "change", "different direction", "he's not Bush", "it's none of your business" and "hope". Their cries were emotional instead of analytical. This was further evidenced by observing the hoards of people who gathered and chanted at his rallies truly believing that Obama would take care of them.

Obama spent more time at his rallies joking about Bush and McCain than saying anything of substance. I often wondered if people really understood the depth of this man's values. Do they really know his belief in partial birth abortion? Do they really understand that their friend who is a dentist or landscape company owner or any other small business will probably have to close down or at the very least, lay employees off because of the higher taxes that will be imposed on them and that the excess tax increase will be passed on to us as the consumer? It seemed as though some were more anxious to be a part of history by putting the first black man in office rather than looking at his record and the potentially high price of losing ourselves as a nation.

I watched within the Republican party, as Huckabee stubbornly refused to back out thus splitting the conservative Christian votes with Romney allowing McCain to take the lead. I can't help but wonder what our election would have looked like if Romney had won the Republican nomination. Romney, a proven leader in hard economic situations as well as a Mormon which may have been interesting with the marriage constitutional amendment propositions in CA, AZ and FL. I saw following the election as McCain's advisers demeaned Sarah Palin arrogantly claiming she was a drag on the ticket instead of acknowledging that there are many of us who only voted for him because of Sarah Palin. She was the only thread of conservative values afforded us to hang on to. And might I add that the hypocrisy of the women's liberation movement baffles me.

It seemed that in the final two weeks of campaigning, we saw a glimpse of what an Obama presidency would look like and it frightened me to the core.

Here are a few of the highlights:

1. The treatment of news anchor, Barbara West at a Florida news station and harsh reprimand for daring to ask the questions people like myself have been wanting to ask. Where is the ACLU claiming "Free Speech" and "Freedom of the press?"

2. The treatment of Joe the Plumber for daring to ask a question about his livelihood should Obama become president. The immediate attacks to discredit the private citizen was nothing short of Chicago thug politics.

3. The treatment of news reporters from the Washington Times, New York Post and Dallas Morning News. These were reporters ( different than those who write opinion pieces ) who had been travelling with Obama since the beginning of the campaign and were kicked off three days before the election because their papers endorsed McCain. Where was the outrage in the media over the censorship?

I was embarrassed for our President-Elect as he gave his first press conference the other day. It can't be good sign of things to come when he has to apologize to a former first lady for his classless, tacky remarks. It was fitting to see the mass of people standing behind him as he spoke, much like the puppet and his puppet masters. I must admit, he can orate a prepared speech in his serious, arrogant, preacher tone very well . It is painfully clear, though, that once off topic, his true character can't help but come out as well as the "Uhs and Umms" with every other word. His responses such as the one with regard to his thoughts about Iran's President congratulating him on his nomination and claiming to not have seen the letter showed that he has no idea how to think for himself. His typical reply, as seen throughout his campaign whenever he didn't have an answer was, "I don't have any knowledge of that. I'll need to look into it but what I do know is that I don't want to have a knee-jerk response". Translated means, "I need to check with my people about what to say and get back to you." How about a naturally instinctive thought like, "I will not accept his letter and words of congratulations. I will not have dialogue with dictators."

Obama campaigned under the slogan, "Change". I find this ironic for a couple of reasons. One is that his first cabinet appointment was given to Rahm Emanuel. The same man who was an advisor to President Clinton and who pushed Clinton to sign off on NAFTA ( sending jobs overseas. The same jobs that Obama is ridiculing American companies for sending over seas and wants to punish with higher taxes). Another reason is that this is the same man who was on the board of directors of Freddie Mac during the heyday of the housing boom which is the root of the economic turmoil we are facing today. That's not exactly what I would call, "change". I am a firm believer that the true test of one's character are the friends they keep. Also, I've heard people who didn't vote for Obama say that they hope that he follows through on his promises. If he does, that will mean we will have higher taxes to spread the wealth, socialized healthcare and retirement accounts, more government control, fewer jobs, and befriending terrorist dictators. Why WOULD we want him to follow through on those kinds of promises?

The "new direction" he spoke of so often, would lead us back to the form of government that our forefathers fought so hard to get away from. The same government that caused our founding fathers to lose everything they had including their lives and fortunes in order to create a better future for our country. A God-fearing country free from tyranny and suppression.

I have a tremendous love for this nation. I love our traditions and our history. I get teary every time I hear our national anthem. Even as a child, I enjoyed creating our own neighborhood parades for the fourth of July. Those feelings became stronger as I lived among the early American historical sites throughout my teenage years. Walking around Gettysburg and Valley Forge were very solemn and spiritual experiences for me. I remember when I was 17 years old, I sat just a few rows from the Prophet, Ezra Taft Benson, when he came to speak in Philadelphia to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Constitution. It was that day that I made the discernment that my reverence for my country and our Constitution is as strong within me as my reverence of the gospel. I hold them sacred. They were inspired by God for the restoration of the Gospel. I know this to my core.

I have seen the emotions of my country escalate throughout the course of this campaign and witnessed the hatred and claims of intolerance. I have heard over and over how our war in Iraq is costing us billions of dollars and thousands of lives. How does one put a price tag on the cost of freedom? What a slap in the face to our military who have helped change people's lives for the better. Money, really? This, coming from a man who raised over 650 MILLION dollars for a presidential campaign? Are we really supposed to believe that those heroes who lost their lives on the battlefield would feel they died fighting a made-up war over oil rather than freeing a nation from an evil dictator? Have we forgotten the thousands of innocent lives lost on September 11th? I have wished that we could be the same country we were just a few, short years ago on September 12th, 2001. Remember? Remember the flags taped to almost every car window? Remember the intense feeling of patriotism? Remember the words to the song, "And I'm proud to be an American, because at least I know I'm free. And I won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me....." Remember the ribbons claiming, "We will never forget....."

But we have forgotten.

There is a new generation of voters now who were raised to believe that everything must be fair and equal. There are no clear-cut winners, just ties. A generation of adults who have never played games like dodge ball. My children can't even play TAG at school in order to avoid hurt feelings. We've taken the responsibility of teaching our children about how life isn't always fair and using the opportunity to teach kindness and love and replaced it with the idea that we need to "protect" our children by teaching them that there are no set of absolute rules. One of my children played a computer game the other day and his turn seemed to go on forever until I realized there were no "lives" enabling the player to never experience "losing". How is it fair that a child needs a permission slip from a parent in order to have an aspirin for a headache at school, but that same child can have an abortion without parental notification? How is it fair that poorly run companies are bailed out instead of allowed to file chapter 11 or go bankrupt? Failure is not an option anymore.

We have become a society tolerant of immorality and possessed with political correctness. Political correctness is a form of cultural Marxism. In Marxist-Leninist vocabulary, the term "correct" was commonly used to describe the appropriate "party line", often called the "correct line". In the 70's we took away the suffix "man" in proper nouns and replaced them with "person". Today, we are a society of Asian-Americans, African-Americans, Mexican-Americans instead of Americans. A country where it is politically incorrect to say "indian style" but rather, "criss cross applesauce" or to state the words, "Intoxicated illegal immigrant" and a person who does is declared to be a racist bigot.

The result of a "no rules" society is a generation with lower morals and standards. There was a time when people rejected a candidate who did drugs. Then it became acceptable so long as they didn't inhale. We now have a president elect who admitted to not only doing drugs but also dealing in his college days.

The bar of expectation has been lowered significantly in just the last ten years. Sadly, I see it amongst the twenty and thirty somethings in the church as well. Many have said to me particularly over the course of this last election, "How does allowing a same sex couple to marry affect ME? If they love each other, then they should have the agency to be allowed to marry." I've even heard it said that the church has no business getting involved in political propositions and that maybe we SHOULD lose our tax exempt status for doing so. I reflect on the revelation given to President Hinckley regarding the Proclamation to the Family back in 1995. At the time, I remember thinking how it was wise counsel, not understanding the conflicts we would face trying to defend that counsel just a few years later. The fact that each of the propositions passed this last year, gives me a little hope, at least until the next election.

I did learn a little about myself throughout this political process. I learned that I will no longer be afraid to stand up for my core values. I will no longer fear what others might think if I have a "Yes for marriage" sign in my front yard. I have taught my children that they can vote for whomever they choose so long as they have a reason why. Saying, "Because he's cool" isn't a reason. I have encouraged my children to show respect by shaking the hands of our men and women in uniform and thanking them for their service to our country. I will not allow some to label me as intolerant and racist because I am a Christian or to think "conservative" is a dirty word. I will not let my morals shift like the wind. I learned that we need to take back the Republican party. We need to encourage and teach people how to help themselves so that they, in turn, can help others by their own free will and choice. We can not allow our country to fall into the hands of socialism. It is Satan's demoralizing counterfeit of the sacred law of consecration. I vow to be counted among those who refused to deny the Savior in the last days and I will not let those who lost their lives fighting for our country and freedoms to have done so in vain.

Russian leader Kruschev to former President Ezra Taft Benson when he was Secretary of Agriculture: "You Americans are so gullible. No, you won't accept communism outright. But we'll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you finally wake up and find you already have communism. We won't have to fight you. We'll so weaken your economy until you will fall like over-ripe fruit into our hands."

Tyler Thomas--1787 “A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasure. From that moment on, the majority always vote for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasure, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.”

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Beyond flattered.............

My friend brought over her darling, new six week old baby girl so that I could take some pictures of her in her blessing gown. We took a bunch then sent them over to photo center to have them printed. When my friend went to pick them up, the lady at the counter told her she couldn't give them to her because they were done by a "professional". Some copyright blah blah blah. (It's called a Canon Rebel XT, Photoshop and a white sheet. ) My friend, I think, thought she was kidding and even joked saying, "My friend will be so flattered!". The sales lady apparently wasn't joking and wasn't convinced that they were taken in my living room the day before. The sales lady called for her manager. The manager looked them over and finally concluded that they probably weren't "professional" because they didn't have a studio name on any of the bottom corners. The sales lady finally handed over the prints.

Yes, I AM flattered......... But a cute subject to photograph makes it really easy.