Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Baby's first words

Ian got the boot Monday from Mommy and Daddy's room. He is now in the crib in the nursery. You may ask WHY we are just putting him in his own room when he's going to be a year old next month.

I'll tell you why. We're lazy.

It's just too easy to keep him in the pack and play at the end of our bed instead of up a flight of stairs and down a hall. It also makes the middle of the night feedings easier. ( Yes, we are still doing that too ). Remember.....L.A.Z.Y.

I put a dark sheet up in his window so his new room is nice and dark. His afternoon naps have been a solid three hours! Do you know how much you can do in three hours!?! Uninterrupted?!? Can you even comprehend the magnitude? I had time to exercise AND shower.

It has been Heaven.

So today, I turned on the baby monitor to be sure to hear him if he woke up. A couple of hours into his nap, I heard some rustling and stirring in the monitor. I thought he was getting ready to wake up. Then I heard this........

"Mama! Mum Mum Mum. Mamamama....."

Oh my goodness! I heard my baby's first words! He's a genius! An Einstein in the making! I started to calculate in my head how much a Harvard or Stanford education would set us back. What if he's one of those who will graduate from High School at 12, College at 16 and Med School at 21? He could totally be a Doogie Howser! I loved watching Doogie! I thought how amazing it was that he said his first words before he even started to walk. Next thing I know, he'll be asking me to check his proofs of the Pythagorean theorem or type his thesis all before he's even potty trained! Am I really prepared for that?

I was utterly ( so to speak ) amazed to hear with such clarity the words my child prodigy was saying.

That is until I heard other voices in the background. Voices that didn't belong to any of MY kids. Then I heard a woman's voice. Again....not mine.

I really need to switch the baby monitor frequency once in a while. Oh well. I guess he can still go to Harvard someday.

Monday, February 18, 2008

For your pets listening pleasure

Songs on this tail-wagging CD include:

I'm your doggie
Scratch my back
I love food
Squeaky Deakey

and if you order now, you will receive the hit single

"Rover got run over by a Range Rover"

by the popular group The Sheepherders.

Pet lovers who bought Ask the Animals CD also bought Cat-a-tonic.

The CD with song titles such as

Cat Thinks He's a Dog
Litterbox Boogie
It's All About Me-Ow!

And of course, last years award winning song
"Kitty Knows More Than I Do"
by Catty

Albums coming soon:

For fish lovers: Opening a Can of Worms

For Horse lovers: Pony Up!

For Bird lovers: Crying Fowl

Let me just once again direct you here.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

If you give a mouse to a second grader

My daughter's class at school has a fun tradition. Each week, a child is picked to be the "student of the week" and along with that recognition comes a bag filled with fun things to take home. It is centered around the theme from the book, "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie". Inside is a pet mouse just like the one from the book, the book "If you take a mouse to the movies" and a composition journal to write about your exploits with mouse.

My daughter's entries included a lot of time watching tv with mouse. Not only is that not very exciting, but it also shows how bad of a mom I really am. She was excited to have mouse for Valentine's Day.

As for the rest of the week......well, I thought I'd journal about the untold stories of mouse at our house:

If you give a mouse to a second grader, her two year old brother might think it was cute and decide to give it a milk bath in his bowl of leftover cereal ten minutes after it was home. And if you give it a milk bath, it might just get snatched up again by the two year old who will then run away with it. And if a two year old runs away with it, odds are the mouse will get lost. For a very long time. And if the mouse gets lost, the parents have to spend their evening looking in odd places to try and find it. They will look in the toy box and under the bed. They might even look in the garbage or out in the play house. And just as the parents are about to go to bed, the mouse might show up under the couch cushions.

The next day, if you give the mouse back to the second grader, you should tell her to take extra good care of it and be sure to hide it from her two year old brother. You also might tell your second grader to stop throwing the mouse so that it won't get smacked by the ceiling fan. When she's done throwing it, she will then decide it would be fun to take off all of its clothes just in case she wanted to lose those too.

Then she will hide the mouse and only bring him out of his hiding spot to play when she wants to show her friends how cute he is. She might even suggest taking it with her to the Friday night babysitting group but if mom was smart, she would tell her "NO!". The mouse will most likely stay hidden the rest of the week until the day before she needs to return him to school. And as soon as she brings him out of his hiding spot, her two year old little brother will find him. So the second grader will probably find an even better hiding spot for mouse. And when the next morning comes, the second grader will forget where her new hiding spot was. And if you forget where your new hiding spot was, mommy and daddy spend the already late morning because they overslept looking for mouse and will probably end up using naughty words.

But soon mouse is found and all is well with the world. Mom and dad are probably relieved to not have the stress and saying, "Where's mouse?" or "Do you know where mouse is?" every hour. And chances are, mouse will be sent to the home of another second grader who will treat it the same way.

Monday, February 04, 2008

You know it's been a while since you've posted

when you have to sign in to your blogger account.


Life has been busy.

And tomorrow is Super Tuesday. Whatever your political affiliation may be, personally, I will be secretly hoping that my MoJo ( or MoVoFoRo = Mormons Voting For Romney ) will smack McCain's arrogant smirk upside the head by losing to Romney in his home state.

And speaking of losers, I'll probably watch American Idol too.