Saturday, August 30, 2008

That's my boy!

Sometimes when a teacher sends a note home from school with your child, your heart starts pounding as you wonder what it was he did this time. Did he get in a fight? Did he spit or slobber on someone? Did he push or take someones toy?

But sometimes, you get these little gems and can't help but laugh and use it as an opportunity to tease a cute, little 6 year old boy about his new girlfriend.

Monday, August 25, 2008



does EVERY prime time channel have to be covering the Democratic National Convention?

And whose brilliant idea was it to start the convention the day after we've already been subjected to two weeks of Olympic coverage? I'm thinking that can't be a good way to win votes. Unless, of course, the convention is like a one week "Survivor" series where they throw people like Pelosi, Biden, Obama, Gore, Reid, Rosie O'donnell and anyone related to a Kennedy on a deserted island with Al Franken as the host and see which one comes up on top.........then I might be interested.

I read about a new tv show coming this fall called "America's Toughest Jobs". Somehow I don't think television programming is one of them.

Never, EVER underestimate the power of the Nerd Herd vote.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Olympic commentary........

So they are getting rid of the softball and baseball events because the USA is too unbeatable while keeping "why not just call it a cool vacation in the off season" basketball as well as the ever so thrilling to watch trampoline and speed walking events.

Can anyone explain why Olympic boxing has been going on since the first day? And who really watches ping pong? Oh....excuse me....."Table Tennis". ( crickets chirping ) Personally, I'd much rather see an obstacle course event from the tv show Wipeout than something like a badminton match.

Interesting though, trying to sing along to the three verse intro/cut short National Anthem while Michael Phelps basked in his first gold was a pretty good "sport" to watch. I'm guessing some heads rolled after that degree of difficulty.

"Oh say can you see by the dawns early light. What so proudly we hailed at the twilights last gleaming." ( "Oh say can you see by the dawns early light." ( no? what the heck? Ok so they started over.......wait for it.......wait for it......ok....NOW! ) "Oh say can you see........" ( Oh for heaven's sake. nevermind!)

And I won't even mention the problem I have with the "still plays with Barbies" Chinese gymnastic team. That would be too easy.

The second week of the summer Olympics are a snoozefest which does nothing but aggravate me that I have no other choice but to watch reruns of Dr. Phil or Greatest American Dog while further delaying my season premieres of Prison Break and Chuck.

I'm just saying....................

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The kids weren't the only ones who started school last week.

Kirk started his MBA in Global Management at Thunderbird last week. The first two weeks are spent on campus then he has classes every other Friday and Saturday for the next 16 months. He'll get to travel to some cool places too. He'll go to Geneva in November then have the choice of two other locations between China, Chile, Russia ( might not be such a great idea right now! ) and Dubai. I'll give you a hint which one he really REALLY REALLY wants to go starts with a Dub and ends in an I.

I suppose every married couple needs to experience student loan debt at some point in their life.

Monday, August 11, 2008

First Day of School

Funny how each year it gets easier and easier to send your kids off to school......... I think I'm probably more excited about that "first day" than the kids!

So, here is the token first day of school picture. 'Cause I'm a mom/parent and that's what moms/parents do on their child's first day of school. And I thought I'd compare their "first day of school" picture this year to last years to see how much they grew..............

When I realized Lauren wore the same exact shirt two years in a row. She must like her "Daddy's little Valentine" shirt.......a lot!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Dad's 66th Birthday!

My dad turned 66 on August 6th.
What better cake theme than a good, 'ol Route 66!

Happy Birthday Dad!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Thomas the Tank cake

We had a Visiting Teaching service auction last month and I donated a child's birthday cake for my "service". The winner called me this week to make a cake for her grandson's 3rd birthday on Saturday. He had a Thomas the Tank theme so this is what I came up with............

Saturday, August 02, 2008


I went to the Doctor again for a follow up visit regarding my ankle. For me, going to see a Doctor about a "problem" is like taking your car in because the brakes squeak. There is and always will be....something more egregious wrong. Which is why I try and avoid going to the Doctor, hence, the prolonged ankle issue.

I knew going into the visit that my ankle still didn't feel like it had healed much since my last visit three weeks ago. It was when I saw the MAC daddy footwear that I was now told I needed to wear that I realized my Doctor visit was more like a computer virus than a trip to Midas.

If you are a computer geek, you might understand.

My ankle was BAD. So my ED required a DC and had to REBOOT in order to upgrade to the knee high version 4.0. I guess I had an ECS on my ankle that was both "enhanced" and "chipped" causing the pain. It has a BASM which I've found easy to use although it tends to feel over heated. I'm currently in TM and depending on the TOD, I wear either the dial up version or the upgraded version. I'm hoping that at the EOJ, my ankle will be at an AQL.

In layman's terms: I have a chip fracture on my ankle as well as a torn posterior tibialis tendon. I now have to wear a dumb "boot" for the next three weeks until my next check up. I'm just praying I won't have to reboot to a newer, upgraded "hip" model.

This was my old dial up version which I keep as my back up:

And the computer word "cursor" has taken on a whole new meaning.........

BAD = Broken as designed
ED = External device
DC = Design change
REBOOT = Start up
ECS = Enhanced chip set
BASM = Built in assembler
TM = Test mode
TOD = Time of day
EOJ = End of job
AQL = Acceptable quality level