Monday, May 25, 2009

HaPpY BiRthDaY ERiK!

Erik is four years old now! ( one more year until he starts school! But who's counting? )

For his fabulous, fun fourth bash, Kirk took the older kids to BounceU to get out a little energy.

Kid gloves? Glad we don't have these at home.

While they were gone, Ian slept and I worked on his Nintendo Controller Cake.

Happy Birthday my little man!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

ode to moms

For all the cold meals you sat down to.

For all those snuggling naps on the couch.

For all the puddles on the floor that required a "smell test".

For the plays/songs/skits/reinactments endured.

For those clothes laying on the floor that were either clean or dirty. (see "smell test" above)

For the miles put on your car driving kids to daily activities.

For all the threats and time outs given.

For those moms whose hearts ache for their own mothers.

For those extra pounds that don't seem to want to go away.

For the times you went out in public with spit up stains on your clothes.

For those mothers who had a baby they won't be able to raise in this life.

For the many sleepless nights.

For those moms who went on a get-away vacation with just their husband but found themselves constantly talking about their kids.

For the moms who learned what battles were worth fighting.

I salute you. I admire you.

Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 08, 2009

The difference between boys and girls

From the time my boys could figure out the pincer reflex, they have loved cars. They love to run them on the floor, line them up in a row across the room and my least favorite, throw them.

My daughter, on the other hand, has enjoyed playing with her "baby" dolls. She's very possibly a better mommy than I am. Lauren's favorite doll is "Katie". The doll's name has been "Katie" ever since her friend, Loaryn, gave it to her for her 4th birthday.

This morning, Lauren brought down another doll she sometimes played with but not as much as "Katie". She couldn't remember if she had named this other doll and was asking me what a good name might be. Megan? Ella? Sarah?

We didn't have a chance to finish the conversation before heading off to school. When I got home, Erik took the doll and was "playing" with it. By "playing" I mean taking it by the arm and swinging it around and throwing it up in the air. Then he said he knew the perfect name for the no-named doll.

Really? What is it?


Apparently, Thunder bolt makes thunder to get the bad guys and eats Capt'n Crunch cereal for breakfast.