Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Summer Birthdays

Summers are birthdays around our house. And birthdays mean trying to think up cool, fun cakes.
Erik is the master video game player. So it was fitting that for his 4th birthday, I make him a video game controller cake. Of course, it's a Nintendo 64 that's older than he is but.........he doesn't know any different.

Then it was Jack's birthday. Jack turned 7 and for his birthday, I finally finished his bedroom with a pirate theme. To go along with the "pirate" theme, I made him a pirate map cake.

A week later it was Kirk's 40th birthday. He had to spend the day on campus for classes so I arranged to drive out to Glendale with the kids to surprise him during their lunch break. We brought him "lunch".

Last, but not least, Lauren turned 9. She thought it would be fun to have a cake that looked like an ice cream sundae. It was the easiest cake to make but one of the cutest I think.

Just around the corner is Ian's 3rd birthday...............

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Jennifer Asplund said...

Umm, I'll be turning 43 on June 23 and would like a cake shaped like an octopus. :-) Your cakes are amazing! The sundae cake is my fave but I can't believe it was the easiest. I think I would have just lowered my face "trough"-style into it and just started munching away. Beautiful work, Lisa.